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Details 【Warm reminder: Huya ID account is a string of numbers under the avatar in Huya APP】

Huya Coin:
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product details

Product face value: 100 yuan
Product type: Purchase and pay on behalf of others
Brand: Huya Live

Scope of application:

Huya Coin is a virtual currency issued by Huya Company and is used to purchase value-added services on the Huya platform.

How to receive the goods:

1. After the payment is successful, the system will automatically recharge based on the account information you filled in.

2. Query method: Log in to the Huya client and check in “Huya APP” My Huya Coins.

payment method:

1. Support real-time telephone transfers and PAYEE transfers between banks such as RBC CIBC TD in Canada.
2. Supports Canada-wide Email Transfer and Interac inter-bank transfer.
3. Support various credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.).


Purchase process:

1. Payment will be recharged based on the account information you filled in

2. How to check the Huya number: Open the My interface in the Huya App - click on the personal information above - check your Huya number.

3. Official query website: Please log in to your APP and enter the personal center to check the recharge status.