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Taiwan MyCard Recharge

Taiwan MyCard Recharge

Details [Warm reminder: Applicable to NetDragon, OMG, Yujun Aoting, Tianyu]

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product details

Product face value: 100 yuan
Product type: Purchase and pay on behalf of others
Brand: My card
Scope of application:

China NetDragon: The Legend of Huang Yi's Heroes for free, The Legend of Six Saints' Heroes, The Legend of Jin Yong's Heroes, The Legend of Jin Yong's Heroes for free, Jin Yong - Ultimate Martial Arts, The Legend of Jin Yong's Heroes 2, The Legend of Jin Yong's Heroes 2 for free, The Three Kingdoms for free , Lunia War, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Romance of the Three Kingdoms free, Legend of the East, Legend of Martial Arts Heroes free, Kabala Island free, Love Box, Love Box free, Online Three Kingdoms, Nine Continents Heroes free, Drifting Fantasy Land free, New Shushan Swordsman Free, Chinese Mahjong Hall, Swallowing Heaven and Earth, Swallowing Heaven and Earth Free, Swallowing Heaven and Earth 2 Free, XBA Basketball Manager, Gods Coming, Adventurer Story, Jianghu Hegemony, Rich Street, Lord, Earth Empire, God of War World, Jing Ke Assassins the King of Qin, Star Ship Qihang, Nordic mythology, swords and rivers and lakes. Game Shinkansen: Ragnarok, Legend 3, Swordsman Love, New Peerless Twins, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms, Nobunaga's Ambition, Flame Dragon Knights, Swordsman Love II, Ghost, Angel Love, Perfect World, Twelve Heavens, Tennis Racket, Ultimate, Wulin Gaiden, Web Three Kingdoms, Tian Long Ba Bu, Zhu Xian, Wind and Fire Journey, Basketball Fire, Twelve Heavens II. OMG: Feifei, Adventure of Light, The Ninth Seal, Monarch, Cry, Kung Fu World, LUNA. Yujun Aoting: Peerless Mahjong (Mahjong), Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Monopoly, Generals of the End, Demon Realm, Angel Love 2. GGC: Audition, Dark, Superstar, PokiPoki. Tianyu: Iseo's Dream, Golf, Infernal Affairs, Racecourse.

How to receive the goods:

1. After the payment is successful, the system will automatically send the card code to your user center. Find the corresponding order number, click to view the details and extract the card code.

2. Official recharge website: Query website:

payment method:

1. Support real-time telephone transfers and PAYEE transfers between banks such as RBC CIBC TD in Canada.
2. Supports Canada-wide Email Transfer and Interac inter-bank transfer.
3. Support various credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.).


Purchase process:

1. Enter the points you want to purchase or recharge directly on the website.

2. Fill in the URL link of the product you want to purchase.

3. Submit the order and pay immediately after settlement and contact customer service.