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Chinese Apple APP Recharge

Chinese Apple APP Recharge

Details [Warm reminder: iTunes store, iPhone, iPad official recharge]

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product details

Product face value: 100 yuan
Product type: Purchase and pay on behalf of others
Brand: Apple App Store
Scope of application:

App Store Account Official Recharge App Store China Apple Account Apple ID Official Account Recharge. After recharging, it can be used on the IOS platform. Mobile games can be used in mobile games such as Big Boss Heroes of All People. I am Naruto. Everyday Cool Run. Classic Airplane Battle. Rhythm Master. Happy Fighting Landlords. Everyday Alliance. Cute and love elimination every day on IOS, The Three Kingdoms, Cool Run Everyday, My name is mt, The Legend of Time and Space Hunter, Dota, Racing and Landlord Tribal War, National Heroes, Everyday, I love elimination, Rhythm Master, Big Boss, Castle Hegemony, Mini Westward Journey, Let Go of the Three Kingdoms, Chaos and Order Tower Defense Three Kingdoms Legend of the Condor Heroes King Arthur Sword of the Sky Sword of the King Sword of the Gods and Demons Three Kingdoms Forget the Immortal ol Dream One Piece Martial Arts Q Legend of Proud World Journey to the West ol Heroes of Chaos and Order War Hymn NBA Dream Team I Am Naruto King 2 Magic Card Fantasy Hero Battle Soul Pocket Ninja Love Journey to the West Every Day to Create Dreams to Journey to the West Mercenary World Fantasy Journey to the West Monster IOS mobile game recharge

How to receive the goods:

When recharging, you need to provide your account number and password. You can modify it yourself after we recharge. We guarantee that it will be returned to you as soon as possible after recharging, and no information about your account will be involved.

Recharge instructions:

1. This product is an official handmade online banking recharge product. You only need to fill in the APP account number and password. After payment, the customer service will immediately recharge for you, and the recharge will arrive in your account quickly!

2. Query method: Log in to the Chinese Apple App store to view.

3. After the recharge is successful, you can change the password and the URL

payment method:

1. Support real-time telephone transfers and PAYEE transfers between banks such as RBC CIBC TD in Canada.
2. Supports Canada-wide Email Transfer and Interac inter-bank transfer.
3. Support various credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.).


Purchase process:

1. Directly enter the amount of RMB you want to purchase or recharge on the website

2. Submit the order and pay immediately after settlement and contact customer service.