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Chinese Apple Recharge Card

Chinese Apple Recharge Card

Details [Warm reminder: China iTunes store official card password (please confirm whether the ID account is normal or contact customer service first to purchase]

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product details

Product face value: 100 yuan
Product type: Purchase and pay on behalf of others
Brand: Apple App Store
Scope of application:

Apple App Store recharge card iTunes gift card (card secret), suitable for recharging Apple account. After recharging, you can purchase music, movies, applications, games, audiobooks, etc. in the Apple App Store. This product is a card/activation code product. Please carefully check the applicable region/server. Once the product is shipped, it will not be returned or exchanged!

How to receive the goods:

1. After the payment is successful, the system will automatically send the card code to your user center. Find the corresponding order number, click to view the details and extract the card code.

2. Official query website: itunes software:

3. When you try to redeem an App Store recharge card to recharge your Apple ID for the first time, the system will prompt you to enter your ID number. Please enter the first and last name from your ID card, followed by a valid phone number.

4. Log in to the App Store (or iTunes Store) and select the account option. After successful login, click Redeem to recharge.

payment method:

1. Support real-time telephone transfers and PAYEE transfers between banks such as RBC CIBC TD in Canada.
2. Supports Canada-wide Email Transfer and Interac inter-bank transfer.
3. Support various credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.).


Purchase process:

1. Directly enter the amount of RMB you want to purchase or recharge on the website

2. Submit the order and pay immediately after settlement and contact customer service.