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Details [Warm reminder: Do not believe in scams such as receiving free gifts, account unfreezing/unblocking/activating, paying deposits, etc., and beware of property losses. 】

pepper beans
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product details

Product face value: 100 yuan
Product type: Purchase and pay on behalf of others
Brand: Huajiao Live

Scope of application:

Huajiao Bean is a virtual currency issued by Mijing Hefeng Company. Huajiao Bean can be recharged.

How to receive the goods:

1. After the payment is successful, the system will automatically recharge based on the account information you filled in.

2. Query method: Log in to the Huajiao client and search in My Huajiao Dou on the “Huajiao APP”.

payment method:

1. Support real-time telephone transfers and PAYEE transfers between banks such as RBC CIBC TD in Canada.
2. Supports Canada-wide Email Transfer and Interac inter-bank transfer.
3. Support various credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.).


Purchase process:

1. Please fill in the quantity and the Huajiao account you want to recharge (not a game nickname to avoid errors in filling in the account that cannot be corrected after recharging)

2. The Huajiao Bean direct recharge service uses the official line for recharge. So there is no possibility of error. When you fill in the information, please pay attention to whether the Huajiao account number (open the Huajiao APP and enter my personal homepage and click on the Huajiao account to copy) is correct. Once you make an error in filling in the information, if there is a user in the system that you filled in incorrectly, it will be mistakenly credited to others.