Points rules

186card member points rules

Instructions for becoming a member of 186card:

As long as you are a member, you can enjoy member prices and give away points. Points can be used as cash for shopping. Registration is completely free.

1. How to become a member

You only need to click "Register for Free" on the https://www.186card.com website to become a permanent member of 186card.

2. What are the benefits for members?

1) Purchase goods at 186card to enjoy member price discounts.

2) Members can enjoy points, and different recharge product values ​​correspond to different points accumulation.

3. Points inquiry

You can log in to your account and go to Points Redemption to check the balance of available points in your account.

4. Points redemption

After you log in to your account and use your points to earn 100 points, you will get a coupon. 1 Canadian dollar = 1 point

Newly registered members can directly receive 100 points.

Points rules are formulated and explained by 186card.