Straight to the product purchase process

If you have any questions during the payment process, please consult our online customer service as soon as possible, and we will give you a complete answer, allowing you to complete the entire card purchase process with confidence and safety.

Online customer service:

We chat number: on186card

QQ1: 1143706688

Telephone: 647-729-7222

Payment methods currently accepted by this website:

1. Deposit at the counter of major local banks in Canada: When you choose this payment method, our program will automatically generate an order for the goods you purchase in the background. You only need to go to the local bank counter to pay the required amount. The amount is deposited into our bank account!

Please negotiate the amount with 186card point card mall customer service first, then go to the designated counter to deposit and inform the customer service staff in time to check your amount.

2. Interac Online online bank payment: This payment method supports online payment from the four major banks in Canada (RBC, TD, BMO, SC). When you select this payment method, a payment interface with the bank will automatically pop up in the next step. , customers please fill in the relevant information in accordance with the above requirements. After submission, the page will jump to the bank selection interface, where you can select your payment bank and finally complete the payment operation.

3. Email money transfer (EMT) Email: Name: 186 shop Inc  After transferring, please contact online customer service promptly to tell them the answer to your question.

4. Global credit card online payment: This payment method is credit card online payment, supports global transactions, and will jump to the payment page, where the order number and related information will be displayed. If confirmed, please fill in the credit card number and personal address to complete the payment operation.

5. Account balance payment: You can use the above 5 methods to pre-deposit some funds to the 186card overseas online game point card mall in advance. When you need to purchase point cards, you can use the funds in your 186card account to purchase.