About real-name authentication

Since foreign credit card fraud is quite serious, and 186card sells virtual products, the risk of timely delivery is even greater, so we need to conduct real-name authentication for new customers to ensure that customers use their own credit cards for shopping.

We need customers to provide valid documents that are consistent with the payer's information, including passports or driver's licenses and complete and valid pictures of the first page of the phone statement, so that in case of disputes, it can be proved that the purchase is made by the customer himself, and real-name authentication is also required It can also effectively help us check the information when your account is abnormal, and prevent others from using your credit card or debit card to spend on the 186card mall and causing losses.

We promise to keep the user's information properly, and will never disclose the customer's information to anyone. We hope that customers can cooperate with our work. Together we maintain a safe online trading environment.

How to verify real name? After the user logs in, click to enter the personal center --- real name authentication.